Hogcast: Speedy Delivery

Hogcast: Speedy Delivery

The number one independent Sonic and pizza podcast in the world. Your hosts Russ Walsh and Alan Black serve up piping hot wisdom about all things involving the best game franchise and best food to ever grace this green Earth. Grab a slice of this artisanal audio content.

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    Chapter 96

    This week we’re all about those Hollywood days and Hollywood nights. We’ve got our pal RJ Palmer (@arvalis) on to talk about his work on Detective Pikachu and how mad the movie version of Sonic makes all of us.

    Notes: Russ’s Rash, IKEAlbert’s new gig, Rocco Bocce, Do the Right Thing but Pokemon, getting an Odo, cyclops dicks, doing a Family Guy, Logan Paul Noid, iBandersnatch, At the Meat Mountains of Madness, two pizza rule, cloacal kiss, exposure

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    Chapter 95

    New year, new us. Russ has a symbiote now and has become an instagram thot/mafioso.

    Notes: Symbo Mode, Sbarro takeover, food court boroughs, Cranky Gotti, Stankonia shirts, Carnage Threehorns, KFC riots, cum Monopoly, Hell Homer’s The Wind Rises, Iizuka stanning, Blood & Gore, Sonic’s dinar revaluation, lobster rearing, Welcome to Morrowind

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    Chapter 94

    It’s Christmastime in Dwegonland and all of the dwegons are jerking off to PBS. Can Alan defend Russ against murder charges in dwegon court? Will they be able to dweg off in time to celebrate Feliz Yaoidad?

    Notes: Chinly Fourhorns, dweg anon, Big Lord Fauntleroy, D’Angelo’s Pizzeria, big ol pepperonis, pizza flasher, Russ’s Billy Joel scheme, Echo the barn owl, King Kai BDSM, bunyip creepypasta, shredded judges

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    Dwegons & Leprechauns commentary track

    You've all been asking for it, so we finally did it. We recorded a live commentary of the hit film Dwegons & Leprechauns with our good friends Ravi (@goomvi) and Erika (@rikisenapai) at their house.

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    Chapter 93

    Alan flew across the country to record an episode in a Portland sewer with Russ and his best friend Waste. And hoo boy, are you in for a treat.

    Warning: the audio is a bit rougher than usual since we recorded this at Russ’s kitchen table and not our usual setups. A few table knocks here and there.

    Notes: Waste and the Grimace guts, Beasthood, rat kings, escape rooms, Nosey Threehorns’s organ trafficking, Andrew Diced Clay and Andrew Dice Gay, whopperito, the return of Lil Shrimp, Alan’s Zooted Zoombini Adventure, FGC Timmy Turner, Russ’s Captain Caveman dreams, Rose the Cat, The Memer, improv misconceptions, Pagliacci productions, gravity training for jerking off

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    Chapter 92

    Gobble gobble, we’re in a Thankful mood this episode. Thankful for pizza, thankful for Sonic, and thankful for the return of one of our most popular characters.

    Notes: vaping Flintstones, The King of IKEA, sudowoodo friends, a message from a close personal friend, Alan’s Entourage delusion, Ultima Lucha 4, Superwholock Dwegons, monofilament pizza, eating bidoof, the sex shop pizza dog, breakfast pizza, borrower crush studies, Bessilisk, Dexter Marapore, dry cleaning bear jamboree, Sins of the Goofy

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    Chapter 91

    Only Hogcast would make an episode where one of the hosts becomes a vampire after Halloween. What will these wacky quillheads come up with next?

    Notes: Russ’s isekai flatlining, das vampyr, Waste’s Wonderswan, Alt-Right Beast, White Rabbit’s awful finishing move, Stan Proud, Supreme sticker pizza, Pizza to the Polls, eggwich, uhhh wifey, Blade the Cat, Hokage Trump and Barronto, Bobby’s World, Ralph Bakshi’s racist movies, Pipsy the mouse, this Pit eatin beans

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    Chapter 90

    Our spookiest episode to date, recorded from Waluigi’s Walloween party at his palatial Beverly Hills mansion.

    Notes: Russ’s best friend Waste, Jenny Death X69, hollow weenie, cum-cum fruit, dwegon orgy, Canadian Stooges, Chad Popeye, Majin Bart, pizza stan, Eminem loves Burger King, Halloween pizza, Alan’s dream about Amy’s boobs, candy takes

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    Chapter 89

    We finally killed that bastard Fused Chuckie. Notes: Mr. Meaty guts, sword gender dichotomy, Curvy Lamp: Rebellion, Marty gets a gf, The Dwegon Minute, Undertale: Rise of the Lycans, Yung Lang, Flintstones Hell, Stations of the Pop, pizza scoops from Fat Man, Blade Eastwood, Scooter the Hedgehog’s film debut, VGCats porn

    Correction: aardvark means “earth pig” not “earth wolf” in Afrikaans

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    Chapter 88

    Your pussy may be cancelled, sis, but this podcast sure isn't! Our good friend and international correspondent, Ravi (@goomvi) swings by to join us on one of our most incomprehensible episodes yet.

    Notes: bug-fighting fever, Neutron Musk’s love of eating hair, Russ’s Peach Crown, Pacific Northwest Super Sonico, Yakuza Goodfeathers, Dads Are Strong, Trader Joe-san, Alexis Petals, Papa John’s immunity, Joker yoga pants

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