Hogcast: Speedy Delivery

Hogcast: Speedy Delivery

The number one independent Sonic and pizza podcast in the world. Your hosts Russ Walsh and Alan Black serve up piping hot wisdom about all things involving the best game franchise and best food to ever grace this green Earth. Grab a slice of this artisanal audio content.

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    Chapter 90

    Our spookiest episode to date, recorded from Waluigi’s Walloween party at his palatial Beverly Hills mansion.

    Notes: Russ’s best friend Waste, Jenny Death X69, hollow weenie, cum-cum fruit, dwegon orgy, Canadian Stooges, Chad Popeye, Majin Bart, pizza stan, Eminem loves Burger King, Halloween pizza, Alan’s dream about Amy’s boobs, candy takes

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    Chapter 89

    We finally killed that bastard Fused Chuckie. Notes: Mr. Meaty guts, sword gender dichotomy, Curvy Lamp: Rebellion, Marty gets a gf, The Dwegon Minute, Undertale: Rise of the Lycans, Yung Lang, Flintstones Hell, Stations of the Pop, pizza scoops from Fat Man, Blade Eastwood, Scooter the Hedgehog’s film debut, VGCats porn

    Correction: aardvark means “earth pig” not “earth wolf” in Afrikaans

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    Chapter 88

    Your pussy may be cancelled, sis, but this podcast sure isn't! Our good friend and international correspondent, Ravi (@goomvi) swings by to join us on one of our most incomprehensible episodes yet.

    Notes: bug-fighting fever, Neutron Musk’s love of eating hair, Russ’s Peach Crown, Pacific Northwest Super Sonico, Yakuza Goodfeathers, Dads Are Strong, Trader Joe-san, Alexis Petals, Papa John’s immunity, Joker yoga pants

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    Chapter 87

    Man I wish we'd talked about 9/11 more since we're releasing this on 9/11. Maybe next year.

    Notes: The Devil in the Nick Hotel, Russ’s sticky hand and Homie, Snap nut, GameStop Cash for Clunkers, Russ’s incredibly shitty stand power, Neutron Musk’s Planet Sheen obsession, John MinecraftCain, Olive Garden family court, the regina, Baby Dick’s Day Off, Drake’s Kiki the Hawk Challenge, Richard Cockman, thank you Diplo, Larry the Cable Guy and Deadpool

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    Chapter 86

    G'day quillheads. We're here with our friend from a land down under, Rory Machell (@RoryMachell) is here to regale us with tales of the outback. Some more brilliantly conceived characters are here to have a little fun too.

    Notes: Punished “Venom” Rocko, kangaroo sports, Megan in Tekken, shadow Garfield, Niaccm Nhoj at Tenkaichi Budokai, Alan’s prison boycott, Snoopy valor thievery, a bad Faulkner reference, Obama’s Poppin Cherry Daddies, the brightest smiles, Muppenetta, Rousey the Rascal, Big Dodonpa Energy, Wizpig stans

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    Chapter 85

    We should preface this episode with saying that Alan found out that Masako Nozawa voiced Doug in the Japanese dub and this is all they thought about for a week. Sorry not sorry.

    Notes: Super Saiyan Doug, Alan’s FGC lifestyle, Don Bluth observations, floam stank, tuna juice, Minecraft toilets, JK Rowling’s awful bank goblins, baby wants to fuck, Master of Doug, Axel the Water Buffalo, John C Lilly’s dolphin sex lab

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    Chapter 84

    In this episode one of our classic guest characters returns to give us a dire warning about meddling in time. He also insists that he's a dirty little pig baby.

    Notes: Phil and the Nicktoons get flashpointed, Lucky Luciano escort mission, Big Daddy, "gay people be breathin, straight people be wheezin," Krusty Discharge, Nick Robinson’s Cyberchase for Coochie, the Casque of Bawls, Whisper the Wolf, Alan’s baby hate, Elon Labe

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    Chapter 83

    Man, it's a hot one Like seven inches from the midday sun Well, I hear you whispering the words, to melt everyone Jay Leno: Crybaby

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    Chapter 82

    What a better way for us to celebrate our nation’s independence than with a new podcast episode. In this one we go off on an extended riff about Dune and make another Y Tu Mama Tambien joke because our brains are bad and broken.

    Notes: Dr Brief’s movie collection, Sufjan Stevens music toothbrushes, Snuffaluffagus divorce court, Yoda cum, Drake’s Superbaby Project, Ricky Mandel joins the McElroy fandom, Fullpizza Alchemist, the ashes of Doug, Jim Carrey Eggman, Youtuber Dune, old timey Sonic toys, Cedric the Wolf, Buster T, Y Tu Jimmy Neutron Tambien

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    Chapter 81

    We spent this last Memorial Day reflecting on the sacrifices made by The Troops. By which we mean we spent a lot of time getting worked up about the Looney Tunes DC Comics crossover and how it's completely shattered our worldview.

    Notes: Notes: Darren Abernathy, BUGS’s World, pregnant knees, Gency referendum, problematic cartoon bombs, bone fetishists, Youth Culture Killed John Wick’s Dog, KFC Famous Owl, Forrest Gump joins the DCU, Urkel’s Problematic Bruce Juice, Y Tu Sonic Tambien, don’t google Minerva Mink, Quillhead’s Guilty Wish, Elon’s Riverdale fetish, The 2nd Coming of Doug

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