Hogcast: Speedy Delivery

Hogcast: Speedy Delivery

The number one independent Sonic and pizza podcast in the world. Your hosts Russ Walsh and Alan Black serve up piping hot wisdom about all things involving the best game franchise and best food to ever grace this green Earth. Grab a slice of this artisanal audio content.

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    Chapter 83

    Man, it's a hot one Like seven inches from the midday sun Well, I hear you whispering the words, to melt everyone Jay Leno: Crybaby

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    Chapter 82

    What a better way for us to celebrate our nation’s independence than with a new podcast episode. In this one we go off on an extended riff about Dune and make another Y Tu Mama Tambien joke because our brains are bad and broken.

    Notes: Dr Brief’s movie collection, Sufjan Stevens music toothbrushes, Snuffaluffagus divorce court, Yoda cum, Drake’s Superbaby Project, Ricky Mandel joins the McElroy fandom, Fullpizza Alchemist, the ashes of Doug, Jim Carrey Eggman, Youtuber Dune, old timey Sonic toys, Cedric the Wolf, Buster T, Y Tu Jimmy Neutron Tambien

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    Chapter 81

    We spent this last Memorial Day reflecting on the sacrifices made by The Troops. By which we mean we spent a lot of time getting worked up about the Looney Tunes DC Comics crossover and how it's completely shattered our worldview.

    Notes: Notes: Darren Abernathy, BUGS’s World, pregnant knees, Gency referendum, problematic cartoon bombs, bone fetishists, Youth Culture Killed John Wick’s Dog, KFC Famous Owl, Forrest Gump joins the DCU, Urkel’s Problematic Bruce Juice, Y Tu Sonic Tambien, don’t google Minerva Mink, Quillhead’s Guilty Wish, Elon’s Riverdale fetish, The 2nd Coming of Doug

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    Chapter 80

    We’re back with another special Mother’s Day episode. Alan threw a pizza pool party for all the hot young moms while Russ got lost in IKEA.


    Notes: Hogcast Hoopla for Young Local Moms, Russ gets stuck in CIA urinal, Evil Ernest, Rocket Racoon, Dilbert Dilbert, Paleo Freak, Doug’s 2nd Movie, Hershey St John, Loonatics Unleashed

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    Chapter 79

    We're back with our official wrestling correspondent @SocksMahoney with a Wrestlemania report, some fucked up improv characters, and a hell of a 'tude.

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    Chapter 78

    Here's a little Easter Egg in your RSS baskets: an episode we recorded two weeks ago. Buckle up because Russ brought two improv characters this time and they're probably the most inscrutable ones to date.

    Notes: The Tale of Lil Shrimp and IKEAlbert, caterpillar soup, preferred stunner drinks, Fortnite teens, stealing Dominos valor, Pepper the robot gets fired, Bitch Goku eats a whole turkey, Jailrush the Hedgehog, Cell vore

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    Chapter 77

    Our dear Canadian friend Kevin (@autobite) is here to get mad at Harry Potter with us.

    Notes: challenging hot Chuckie cosplayers, Phil returns to tell us his secret origins, Hogwarts's anti-technology bullshit, autobahn death trap, gacha drugs, poutine earrings, the horrible Olive Garden pizza bowl, pizza for the troops, pizza vibrator button, chaos beans, DBZ mugen mods, Kevin the Monkey, autoerotic saiyan asphyxiation, eat my Play-Do, AutobiteGaiaOnline

    Music: Autobite's sweet Migos/Mitsuboshi Colors mashup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfRnXdlz9To

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    Chapter 76

    We’re back with an upgraded website and feed for an episode recorded on Super Bowl Sunday. And what do we do first? Talk to a Klasky Csupo character for a quarter of the episode.

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    Chapter 75

    Notes: Nightmare from Soul Calibur if he loved Rick and Morty, Stephen Krang, Alan's Yakuza Life, Jerry Poppin Seinfelds, Sharig-nan, Cronenberg Pizza Womb, Chuckie Chan.

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    Hogcast! The Jungle Podcast

    Yes we recorded a live commentary over the new Hey Arnold Movie. Consider it a New Years treat. ALSO ALSO ALSO, the music is the Tunnel Music from the Hey Arnold! The Movie GBA Game, which according to an unverified game music wiki is composed by the guy who made the music for Windjammers. ISN'T THAT WILD! 

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