Hogcast: Speedy Delivery

Hogcast: Speedy Delivery

The number one independent Sonic and pizza podcast in the world. Your hosts Russ Walsh and Alan Black serve up piping hot wisdom about all things involving the best game franchise and best food to ever grace this green Earth. Grab a slice of this artisanal audio content.

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    Chapter 75

    Notes: Nightmare from Soul Calibur if he loved Rick and Morty, Stephen Krang, Alan's Yakuza Life, Jerry Poppin Seinfelds, Sharig-nan, Cronenberg Pizza Womb, Chuckie Chan.

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    Hogcast! The Jungle Podcast

    Yes we recorded a live commentary over the new Hey Arnold Movie. Consider it a New Years treat. ALSO ALSO ALSO, the music is the Tunnel Music from the Hey Arnold! The Movie GBA Game, which according to an unverified game music wiki is composed by the guy who made the music for Windjammers. ISN'T THAT WILD! 

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    Chapter 74

    Look in the chimney. We're coming down with a piping hot pizza pie and some saucy Sonic scoops.

    Notes: The Nog Hogger, Alan’s black and white TV, Papa Lil John’s, PT Bono, biotechnology pizza,  Hell Homer pizza validation, googoo gurus, horny pizza jokes, Vatican nativity vandals, a jolly tude, Razermus Prime

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    Chapter 73

    It's turkey season baby, but we introduce a cornucopia of new bits and characters. We can't stop talking about Pepsi and Jimmy Neutron too.
    Notes: Jim Leno, Donna and Ronna, S&M soda, our delightful new Pepsi game, Eggs Cumberbatch, Alan's dark Sonic dream, creepy pizza, leafhead, Zionist Dragontales, Russ's personal heaven, Mario Souls

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    Chapter 72

    Folks, we've got a real beefy episode filled with more content than we've had in a while. And only about 20 minutes of it is us talking about Jimmy Neutron
    Notes: poop implants, John Stewart's S3 plan, Alan's Dreamscape, Jet Fusion, Spoopy Month, a tremendous Robynne's Minute/Robin's Millet, coconut crusties, Kinect P'zone, Bojacked Horseman, butt spanx

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    Hogcast Doug Commentary

    honestly this might be the most self indulgent thing we've ever done: a full commentary of Doug's 1st Movie.

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    Chapter 71

    Our dear friend Ravi (@goomvi) returns to talk Sonic Mania and listen to us make like two dozen different Twin Peaks and Doug references.
    ALSO: We're having a giveaway for a Sonic Mania steam code. To enter all you have to do is get a loved one who doesn't know us to listen to the show and tell us their reaction. (Alan would prefer if you could get your parents to listen.)
    Notes: Pepsi Fire with Me, Feetface, Doug: The Return, The Ack Lodge, hehe thirsty *eyes emoji*, our Death Notes, lava cake fetishists, Hewwo Pizza, Redpilled by Super Monkeyball, Alan's Webcomic Wrapup, our new contest, Starbuds, Backpack Kid, Dougie the gamer, Covfefe Fist

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    Chapter 70

    Folks, we got another blue check mark on the show. That's right, our friend Brian Hanson (@Brian_Hanson) has joined us to talk about a lot of bullshit like cum and the magic vagina eggs that Gwyneth Paltrow sells.
    Notes: MeltyCum, waiting for Nathan, Rorshach go on Chapo, yoni eggs, shame sweat, You're Only Human (Second Wind), darkest cum, My Dark Twisted Pochako Fantasy, Biblical dingos.

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    Chapter 69

    It's finally here folks, the weed number. And to celebrate we did a 100% clean episode. Eat your heart out, Dan Nainan.
    Notes: Our first 100% clean comedy episode, Klasky Csupo Cinematic Universe, Hey Arnold: Skull Island, we're the new Sonic Guys, Mr Bighead is a cuck, Jared's Modern Life, Daria Stark, Nico Yazawa as Powerline, Alan's prophetic Little Bill dream, Rouge's titty milk, Uma Arachnis, Drake's tiny redpilled fairy body, Alan hates Totoro

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    Chapter 68

    This week we invite our dear friend Sab (aka Professor Yuri aka @hinikuna_damacy) back to talk shop. Unfortunately, we spent most of the show getting mad about shitty old cartoons.
    Darkest Doug Cast, Penelope the Mouse turnt evil, honestly more discussion about the Super Duper Sumo franchise then we’d like to admit, a Nico Yazawa tribute, the cream cheese incident, unicorns keep following me around, Twilight powers, why Gex is more powerful than Bubsy.

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