Hogcast: Speedy Delivery

Hogcast: Speedy Delivery

The number one independent Sonic and pizza podcast in the world. Your hosts Russ Walsh and Alan Black serve up piping hot wisdom about all things involving the best game franchise and best food to ever grace this green Earth. Grab a slice of this artisanal audio content.

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    Chapter 99

    We’re neoliberal now and we’re live from a storage closet at CPAC with our good friend Seth Boyer (@sethboyer) to discuss how being radically centrist is the most punk rock thing you can do.

    Notes: the horniest Adam Sandler movie, XXXStatix, Jordan Peterson’s Cadbury Creme Eggs, mermaid alfredo, Jimmy Stewart Goes West, BCC Pizza, red pepper flakes melange, Billy the Skunk, wrow, Alan’s neoliberal posadism, smol sans, Rolabi Wizenard

    Intro: The Wicked Wild (Dino Jungle) from Sonic and the Secret Rings

    Outro: The song from Wolverine Adamantium Rage on SNES that invented grime music

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    Will we finally believe goofy is f'ing dead??? Will we say goodbye to old friends? Can a certain sourpuss gamer's heart be touched? Will Demyx be there? Find out in the latest, truly most beautiful episode of this mini-series, I CAN'T BELIEVE GOOFY IS F#@!ING DEAD EPISODE 3.

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    Chapter 98

    It’s our birthday show babey.

    Notes: Russ’s unfortunate Blippi cameo, #MyMentor, the new Suicide Squad, Russ’s visits to the burn ward, Chuck E Cheese foot fetishists, bag full of spiders, ping pong arsonist, Spider Palestine, Mora the Swallow, Kamala Harris’s loot boxes,

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    Chapter 97

    Hoo boy, it’s Big Game season and we’ve got our dear friend Kevin here to talk about Canadian malls and ironic curses.

    Note: Sticky Fingers self suck, IKEAlbert’s Sbarro Coup, Lil Scrimp/Shrimp’s ghost tricks, ironic curses, Russ’s Gatsby pants closet, fractal dick, Russ’s Steven Universe LARPing, Alan’s illegal Beyblade mods, roombos, Funky Winkerbean, all cops are bimbos, I Love Oil, Leftist Glob Herman, Alphega the Hedgehog, Alan’s comedy mentor

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    We return to Kingdom Hearts to talk what might be going down in the final of the Sora trilogy. We discuss who will make it in the game (Preying for Peg Pete), who's fightin' who, and if Goofy will F#@!ING die or not!

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    Professor Mickey takes the Hogcast crew on a whirlwind tour of the world of Kingdom Hearts. What is Kingdom Hearts? Who is Ansem, Seeker of Darkness? How much time does it take to actually talk about the first Kingdom Hearts? All these questions answered and more in the first official I CAN'T BELIEVE GOOFY IS F#@!ing DEAD!!!

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    Chapter 96

    This week we’re all about those Hollywood days and Hollywood nights. We’ve got our pal RJ Palmer (@arvalis) on to talk about his work on Detective Pikachu and how mad the movie version of Sonic makes all of us.

    Notes: Russ’s Rash, IKEAlbert’s new gig, Rocco Bocce, Do the Right Thing but Pokemon, getting an Odo, cyclops dicks, doing a Family Guy, Logan Paul Noid, iBandersnatch, At the Meat Mountains of Madness, two pizza rule, cloacal kiss, exposure

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    Chapter 95

    New year, new us. Russ has a symbiote now and has become an instagram thot/mafioso.

    Notes: Symbo Mode, Sbarro takeover, food court boroughs, Cranky Gotti, Stankonia shirts, Carnage Threehorns, KFC riots, cum Monopoly, Hell Homer’s The Wind Rises, Iizuka stanning, Blood & Gore, Sonic’s dinar revaluation, lobster rearing, Welcome to Morrowind

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    Chapter 94

    It’s Christmastime in Dwegonland and all of the dwegons are jerking off to PBS. Can Alan defend Russ against murder charges in dwegon court? Will they be able to dweg off in time to celebrate Feliz Yaoidad?

    Notes: Chinly Fourhorns, dweg anon, Big Lord Fauntleroy, D’Angelo’s Pizzeria, big ol pepperonis, pizza flasher, Russ’s Billy Joel scheme, Echo the barn owl, King Kai BDSM, bunyip creepypasta, shredded judges

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    Dwegons & Leprechauns commentary track

    You've all been asking for it, so we finally did it. We recorded a live commentary of the hit film Dwegons & Leprechauns with our good friends Ravi (@goomvi) and Erika (@rikisenapai) at their house.

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