Hogcast: Speedy Delivery

Hogcast: Speedy Delivery

The number one independent Sonic and pizza podcast in the world. Your hosts Russ Walsh and Alan Black serve up piping hot wisdom about all things involving the best game franchise and best food to ever grace this green Earth. Grab a slice of this artisanal audio content.

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    Chapter 100

    Episode 100 is finally here, but somehow Alan got trapped in a virtual world of their own creation. Will Russ and our dear friend Ben Pack (@packbenpack) be able to convince Alan to return to the real world?

    Notes: the first joke, stanning the IRS, Portal orb, Hogcast grimoire, Pepper Threehorns, the worst Dominos on yelp, The Hogcast Challenge, Raditz Fils-Aime, Johnny Fievel, Bonerville, Outrage “Slasher” the Hedgechidna, the classic honeytrap, Let Me Be Duck

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    Chapter 99

    We’re neoliberal now and we’re live from a storage closet at CPAC with our good friend Seth Boyer (@sethboyer) to discuss how being radically centrist is the most punk rock thing you can do.

    Notes: the horniest Adam Sandler movie, XXXStatix, Jordan Peterson’s Cadbury Creme Eggs, mermaid alfredo, Jimmy Stewart Goes West, BCC Pizza, red pepper flakes melange, Billy the Skunk, wrow, Alan’s neoliberal posadism, smol sans, Rolabi Wizenard

    Intro: The Wicked Wild (Dino Jungle) from Sonic and the Secret Rings

    Outro: The song from Wolverine Adamantium Rage on SNES that invented grime music

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    Will we finally believe goofy is f'ing dead??? Will we say goodbye to old friends? Can a certain sourpuss gamer's heart be touched? Will Demyx be there? Find out in the latest, truly most beautiful episode of this mini-series, I CAN'T BELIEVE GOOFY IS F#@!ING DEAD EPISODE 3.

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    Chapter 98

    It’s our birthday show babey.

    Notes: Russ’s unfortunate Blippi cameo, #MyMentor, the new Suicide Squad, Russ’s visits to the burn ward, Chuck E Cheese foot fetishists, bag full of spiders, ping pong arsonist, Spider Palestine, Mora the Swallow, Kamala Harris’s loot boxes,

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    Chapter 97

    Hoo boy, it’s Big Game season and we’ve got our dear friend Kevin here to talk about Canadian malls and ironic curses.

    Note: Sticky Fingers self suck, IKEAlbert’s Sbarro Coup, Lil Scrimp/Shrimp’s ghost tricks, ironic curses, Russ’s Gatsby pants closet, fractal dick, Russ’s Steven Universe LARPing, Alan’s illegal Beyblade mods, roombos, Funky Winkerbean, all cops are bimbos, I Love Oil, Leftist Glob Herman, Alphega the Hedgehog, Alan’s comedy mentor

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    We return to Kingdom Hearts to talk what might be going down in the final of the Sora trilogy. We discuss who will make it in the game (Preying for Peg Pete), who's fightin' who, and if Goofy will F#@!ING die or not!

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    Professor Mickey takes the Hogcast crew on a whirlwind tour of the world of Kingdom Hearts. What is Kingdom Hearts? Who is Ansem, Seeker of Darkness? How much time does it take to actually talk about the first Kingdom Hearts? All these questions answered and more in the first official I CAN'T BELIEVE GOOFY IS F#@!ing DEAD!!!

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    Chapter 96

    This week we’re all about those Hollywood days and Hollywood nights. We’ve got our pal RJ Palmer (@arvalis) on to talk about his work on Detective Pikachu and how mad the movie version of Sonic makes all of us.

    Notes: Russ’s Rash, IKEAlbert’s new gig, Rocco Bocce, Do the Right Thing but Pokemon, getting an Odo, cyclops dicks, doing a Family Guy, Logan Paul Noid, iBandersnatch, At the Meat Mountains of Madness, two pizza rule, cloacal kiss, exposure

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    Chapter 95

    New year, new us. Russ has a symbiote now and has become an instagram thot/mafioso.

    Notes: Symbo Mode, Sbarro takeover, food court boroughs, Cranky Gotti, Stankonia shirts, Carnage Threehorns, KFC riots, cum Monopoly, Hell Homer’s The Wind Rises, Iizuka stanning, Blood & Gore, Sonic’s dinar revaluation, lobster rearing, Welcome to Morrowind

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    Chapter 94

    It’s Christmastime in Dwegonland and all of the dwegons are jerking off to PBS. Can Alan defend Russ against murder charges in dwegon court? Will they be able to dweg off in time to celebrate Feliz Yaoidad?

    Notes: Chinly Fourhorns, dweg anon, Big Lord Fauntleroy, D’Angelo’s Pizzeria, big ol pepperonis, pizza flasher, Russ’s Billy Joel scheme, Echo the barn owl, King Kai BDSM, bunyip creepypasta, shredded judges

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    Dwegons & Leprechauns commentary track

    You've all been asking for it, so we finally did it. We recorded a live commentary of the hit film Dwegons & Leprechauns with our good friends Ravi (@goomvi) and Erika (@rikisenapai) at their house.

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    Chapter 93

    Alan flew across the country to record an episode in a Portland sewer with Russ and his best friend Waste. And hoo boy, are you in for a treat.

    Warning: the audio is a bit rougher than usual since we recorded this at Russ’s kitchen table and not our usual setups. A few table knocks here and there.

    Notes: Waste and the Grimace guts, Beasthood, rat kings, escape rooms, Nosey Threehorns’s organ trafficking, Andrew Diced Clay and Andrew Dice Gay, whopperito, the return of Lil Shrimp, Alan’s Zooted Zoombini Adventure, FGC Timmy Turner, Russ’s Captain Caveman dreams, Rose the Cat, The Memer, improv misconceptions, Pagliacci productions, gravity training for jerking off

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    Chapter 92

    Gobble gobble, we’re in a Thankful mood this episode. Thankful for pizza, thankful for Sonic, and thankful for the return of one of our most popular characters.

    Notes: vaping Flintstones, The King of IKEA, sudowoodo friends, a message from a close personal friend, Alan’s Entourage delusion, Ultima Lucha 4, Superwholock Dwegons, monofilament pizza, eating bidoof, the sex shop pizza dog, breakfast pizza, borrower crush studies, Bessilisk, Dexter Marapore, dry cleaning bear jamboree, Sins of the Goofy

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    Chapter 91

    Only Hogcast would make an episode where one of the hosts becomes a vampire after Halloween. What will these wacky quillheads come up with next?

    Notes: Russ’s isekai flatlining, das vampyr, Waste’s Wonderswan, Alt-Right Beast, White Rabbit’s awful finishing move, Stan Proud, Supreme sticker pizza, Pizza to the Polls, eggwich, uhhh wifey, Blade the Cat, Hokage Trump and Barronto, Bobby’s World, Ralph Bakshi’s racist movies, Pipsy the mouse, this Pit eatin beans

  15. Thumb 1540313051 artwork

    Chapter 90

    Our spookiest episode to date, recorded from Waluigi’s Walloween party at his palatial Beverly Hills mansion.

    Notes: Russ’s best friend Waste, Jenny Death X69, hollow weenie, cum-cum fruit, dwegon orgy, Canadian Stooges, Chad Popeye, Majin Bart, pizza stan, Eminem loves Burger King, Halloween pizza, Alan’s dream about Amy’s boobs, candy takes

  16. Thumb 1539030679 artwork

    Chapter 89

    We finally killed that bastard Fused Chuckie. Notes: Mr. Meaty guts, sword gender dichotomy, Curvy Lamp: Rebellion, Marty gets a gf, The Dwegon Minute, Undertale: Rise of the Lycans, Yung Lang, Flintstones Hell, Stations of the Pop, pizza scoops from Fat Man, Blade Eastwood, Scooter the Hedgehog’s film debut, VGCats porn

    Correction: aardvark means “earth pig” not “earth wolf” in Afrikaans

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    Chapter 88

    Your pussy may be cancelled, sis, but this podcast sure isn't! Our good friend and international correspondent, Ravi (@goomvi) swings by to join us on one of our most incomprehensible episodes yet.

    Notes: bug-fighting fever, Neutron Musk’s love of eating hair, Russ’s Peach Crown, Pacific Northwest Super Sonico, Yakuza Goodfeathers, Dads Are Strong, Trader Joe-san, Alexis Petals, Papa John’s immunity, Joker yoga pants

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    Chapter 87

    Man I wish we'd talked about 9/11 more since we're releasing this on 9/11. Maybe next year.

    Notes: The Devil in the Nick Hotel, Russ’s sticky hand and Homie, Snap nut, GameStop Cash for Clunkers, Russ’s incredibly shitty stand power, Neutron Musk’s Planet Sheen obsession, John MinecraftCain, Olive Garden family court, the regina, Baby Dick’s Day Off, Drake’s Kiki the Hawk Challenge, Richard Cockman, thank you Diplo, Larry the Cable Guy and Deadpool

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    Chapter 86

    G'day quillheads. We're here with our friend from a land down under, Rory Machell (@RoryMachell) is here to regale us with tales of the outback. Some more brilliantly conceived characters are here to have a little fun too.

    Notes: Punished “Venom” Rocko, kangaroo sports, Megan in Tekken, shadow Garfield, Niaccm Nhoj at Tenkaichi Budokai, Alan’s prison boycott, Snoopy valor thievery, a bad Faulkner reference, Obama’s Poppin Cherry Daddies, the brightest smiles, Muppenetta, Rousey the Rascal, Big Dodonpa Energy, Wizpig stans

  20. Thumb 1534259794 artwork

    Chapter 85

    We should preface this episode with saying that Alan found out that Masako Nozawa voiced Doug in the Japanese dub and this is all they thought about for a week. Sorry not sorry.

    Notes: Super Saiyan Doug, Alan’s FGC lifestyle, Don Bluth observations, floam stank, tuna juice, Minecraft toilets, JK Rowling’s awful bank goblins, baby wants to fuck, Master of Doug, Axel the Water Buffalo, John C Lilly’s dolphin sex lab

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    Chapter 84

    In this episode one of our classic guest characters returns to give us a dire warning about meddling in time. He also insists that he's a dirty little pig baby.

    Notes: Phil and the Nicktoons get flashpointed, Lucky Luciano escort mission, Big Daddy, "gay people be breathin, straight people be wheezin," Krusty Discharge, Nick Robinson’s Cyberchase for Coochie, the Casque of Bawls, Whisper the Wolf, Alan’s baby hate, Elon Labe

  22. Thumb 1531919491 artwork

    Chapter 83

    Man, it's a hot one Like seven inches from the midday sun Well, I hear you whispering the words, to melt everyone Jay Leno: Crybaby

  23. Thumb 1530655100 artwork

    Chapter 82

    What a better way for us to celebrate our nation’s independence than with a new podcast episode. In this one we go off on an extended riff about Dune and make another Y Tu Mama Tambien joke because our brains are bad and broken.

    Notes: Dr Brief’s movie collection, Sufjan Stevens music toothbrushes, Snuffaluffagus divorce court, Yoda cum, Drake’s Superbaby Project, Ricky Mandel joins the McElroy fandom, Fullpizza Alchemist, the ashes of Doug, Jim Carrey Eggman, Youtuber Dune, old timey Sonic toys, Cedric the Wolf, Buster T, Y Tu Jimmy Neutron Tambien

  24. Thumb 1528127921 artwork

    Chapter 81

    We spent this last Memorial Day reflecting on the sacrifices made by The Troops. By which we mean we spent a lot of time getting worked up about the Looney Tunes DC Comics crossover and how it's completely shattered our worldview.

    Notes: Notes: Darren Abernathy, BUGS’s World, pregnant knees, Gency referendum, problematic cartoon bombs, bone fetishists, Youth Culture Killed John Wick’s Dog, KFC Famous Owl, Forrest Gump joins the DCU, Urkel’s Problematic Bruce Juice, Y Tu Sonic Tambien, don’t google Minerva Mink, Quillhead’s Guilty Wish, Elon’s Riverdale fetish, The 2nd Coming of Doug

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    Chapter 80

    We’re back with another special Mother’s Day episode. Alan threw a pizza pool party for all the hot young moms while Russ got lost in IKEA.


    Notes: Hogcast Hoopla for Young Local Moms, Russ gets stuck in CIA urinal, Evil Ernest, Rocket Racoon, Dilbert Dilbert, Paleo Freak, Doug’s 2nd Movie, Hershey St John, Loonatics Unleashed

  26. Thumb 1525328622 artwork

    Chapter 79

    We're back with our official wrestling correspondent @SocksMahoney with a Wrestlemania report, some fucked up improv characters, and a hell of a 'tude.

  27. Thumb 1522637225 artwork

    Chapter 78

    Here's a little Easter Egg in your RSS baskets: an episode we recorded two weeks ago. Buckle up because Russ brought two improv characters this time and they're probably the most inscrutable ones to date.

    Notes: The Tale of Lil Shrimp and IKEAlbert, caterpillar soup, preferred stunner drinks, Fortnite teens, stealing Dominos valor, Pepper the robot gets fired, Bitch Goku eats a whole turkey, Jailrush the Hedgehog, Cell vore

  28. Thumb 1520034802 artwork

    Chapter 77

    Our dear Canadian friend Kevin (@autobite) is here to get mad at Harry Potter with us.

    Notes: challenging hot Chuckie cosplayers, Phil returns to tell us his secret origins, Hogwarts's anti-technology bullshit, autobahn death trap, gacha drugs, poutine earrings, the horrible Olive Garden pizza bowl, pizza for the troops, pizza vibrator button, chaos beans, DBZ mugen mods, Kevin the Monkey, autoerotic saiyan asphyxiation, eat my Play-Do, AutobiteGaiaOnline

    Music: Autobite's sweet Migos/Mitsuboshi Colors mashup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfRnXdlz9To

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    Chapter 76

    We’re back with an upgraded website and feed for an episode recorded on Super Bowl Sunday. And what do we do first? Talk to a Klasky Csupo character for a quarter of the episode.

  30. Thumb 1517699733 artwork

    Chapter 75

    Notes: Nightmare from Soul Calibur if he loved Rick and Morty, Stephen Krang, Alan's Yakuza Life, Jerry Poppin Seinfelds, Sharig-nan, Cronenberg Pizza Womb, Chuckie Chan.

  31. Thumb 1517699743 artwork

    Hogcast! The Jungle Podcast

    Yes we recorded a live commentary over the new Hey Arnold Movie. Consider it a New Years treat. ALSO ALSO ALSO, the music is the Tunnel Music from the Hey Arnold! The Movie GBA Game, which according to an unverified game music wiki is composed by the guy who made the music for Windjammers. ISN'T THAT WILD! 

  32. Thumb 1517699742 artwork

    Chapter 74

    Look in the chimney. We're coming down with a piping hot pizza pie and some saucy Sonic scoops.

    Notes: The Nog Hogger, Alan’s black and white TV, Papa Lil John’s, PT Bono, biotechnology pizza,  Hell Homer pizza validation, googoo gurus, horny pizza jokes, Vatican nativity vandals, a jolly tude, Razermus Prime

  33. Thumb 1517699725 artwork

    Chapter 73

    It's turkey season baby, but we introduce a cornucopia of new bits and characters. We can't stop talking about Pepsi and Jimmy Neutron too.
    Notes: Jim Leno, Donna and Ronna, S&M soda, our delightful new Pepsi game, Eggs Cumberbatch, Alan's dark Sonic dream, creepy pizza, leafhead, Zionist Dragontales, Russ's personal heaven, Mario Souls

  34. Thumb 1517699711 artwork

    Chapter 72

    Folks, we've got a real beefy episode filled with more content than we've had in a while. And only about 20 minutes of it is us talking about Jimmy Neutron
    Notes: poop implants, John Stewart's S3 plan, Alan's Dreamscape, Jet Fusion, Spoopy Month, a tremendous Robynne's Minute/Robin's Millet, coconut crusties, Kinect P'zone, Bojacked Horseman, butt spanx

  35. Thumb 1517699708 artwork

    Hogcast Doug Commentary

    honestly this might be the most self indulgent thing we've ever done: a full commentary of Doug's 1st Movie.

  36. Thumb 1517699707 artwork

    Chapter 71

    Our dear friend Ravi (@goomvi) returns to talk Sonic Mania and listen to us make like two dozen different Twin Peaks and Doug references.
    ALSO: We're having a giveaway for a Sonic Mania steam code. To enter all you have to do is get a loved one who doesn't know us to listen to the show and tell us their reaction. (Alan would prefer if you could get your parents to listen.)
    Notes: Pepsi Fire with Me, Feetface, Doug: The Return, The Ack Lodge, hehe thirsty *eyes emoji*, our Death Notes, lava cake fetishists, Hewwo Pizza, Redpilled by Super Monkeyball, Alan's Webcomic Wrapup, our new contest, Starbuds, Backpack Kid, Dougie the gamer, Covfefe Fist

  37. Thumb 1517699696 artwork

    Chapter 70

    Folks, we got another blue check mark on the show. That's right, our friend Brian Hanson (@Brian_Hanson) has joined us to talk about a lot of bullshit like cum and the magic vagina eggs that Gwyneth Paltrow sells.
    Notes: MeltyCum, waiting for Nathan, Rorshach go on Chapo, yoni eggs, shame sweat, You're Only Human (Second Wind), darkest cum, My Dark Twisted Pochako Fantasy, Biblical dingos.

  38. Thumb 1517699683 artwork

    Chapter 69

    It's finally here folks, the weed number. And to celebrate we did a 100% clean episode. Eat your heart out, Dan Nainan.
    Notes: Our first 100% clean comedy episode, Klasky Csupo Cinematic Universe, Hey Arnold: Skull Island, we're the new Sonic Guys, Mr Bighead is a cuck, Jared's Modern Life, Daria Stark, Nico Yazawa as Powerline, Alan's prophetic Little Bill dream, Rouge's titty milk, Uma Arachnis, Drake's tiny redpilled fairy body, Alan hates Totoro

  39. Thumb 1517699672 artwork

    Chapter 68

    This week we invite our dear friend Sab (aka Professor Yuri aka @hinikuna_damacy) back to talk shop. Unfortunately, we spent most of the show getting mad about shitty old cartoons.
    Darkest Doug Cast, Penelope the Mouse turnt evil, honestly more discussion about the Super Duper Sumo franchise then we’d like to admit, a Nico Yazawa tribute, the cream cheese incident, unicorns keep following me around, Twilight powers, why Gex is more powerful than Bubsy.

  40. Thumb 1517699682 artwork

    Chapter 67

    Russ and Alan defy god and eat pizza on an episode of hogcast I can barely remember despite editing it. BOOM-RAKA-SHAW!
    Notes: Improvised fidget spinner, when are you too old for beanie babys? Arbys discussion, RUSS NEVER ATE THOSE ASHES, the male glaze, The Papillon battalion, necromancy etymology.
    Theme music this week is by friend of the show @weedhitler, check out their bandcamp page for their upcoming release. It's great! https://dicksoak.bandcamp.com/album/slxlxg-edits

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    Chapter 66

    You can tell we don't care about what chapter we're on anymore, because wecould very easily have made a Star Wars joke anywhere at all during the episode. Literally at any time.
    Episode notes: World’s Biggest Mom, The Hulk will fight the Dome by 2018, Zevia is Gremlin’s Blood, Russ’s OKCupid profile, Arthur Conan Doyle hates brownies and Sherlock Holmes, fruit love, the new Marvel event sounds WILD, Sonic Town, the archaic laws of Florida.

  42. Thumb 1517699678 artwork

    Chapter 65

    This took a long time to edit, and there's probably tons of little editing errors in there, but it's out, baby. IT'S OUT.
    UPDATE FROM ALAN: There were a lot of errors because Discord is trash and got us out of sync somehow. It's fixed now though.
    NOTES: The Five Movies You Watch in Heaven, YPG Goomba, what if Russ was really smart, KILL ME RON WEASLEY, the secret meaning behind Tyler the Creators' Goblin, Darkly Dreaming Alan, thirsty Jimmy, hangin’ out with Medjed

  43. Thumb 1517699653 artwork

    April Fools Prank 2017

    UPDATE: This is an April Fool's joke that's been grafted to this feed for all eternity. Don't listen to it.
    That's right folks, bonus episode! We're going for a new format here, minus one of the regular hosts, but a special guest! Get ready to laugh, this definitely isn't an april fools bit!

  44. Thumb 1517699645 artwork

    Chapter 64

    Our 64th episode and we don't reference that greasy little grey Nintendo Box once. Instead, we discuss intellectual things like Kurt Vonnegut, and Mitosis. Specifically we refer to it is as Mah Toesies.
    Notes: being volcel protects you from damage, the langolier and the honeycomb man, sword art on lean is still funny, Cars 3 is Logan, Back to the Barnyard Dark Timeline, the irony of tombstone pizza, the large chested prohibition women of St. Louis, Bruno and Baseball Boy team up, why Alan loves Mitosis.

  45. Thumb 1517699648 artwork

    Chapter 63

    Okay, I'm gonna admit this now, I'm writing this after hitting the gym late at night. My lats are torn, my shoulders ripped, it's rough. But baby the BURN is worth it.
    Notes: Custom PC Vaping rig digital e-juices, #notmygoddess, fast food top 5, Shirley Temple retire bitch, Alan identifies with Baby and Unkarr Plutt, French fry hating dickhead OC, Adam’s Family’s Subtitles, ironic nude/sincere nude exchange rate.

  46. Thumb 1517699634 artwork

    Chapter 62

    The best idea for a podcast is to record an episode on the day of the big game and release it a week later so it's very relevant and well thought out.
    Notes: Spanked by the invisible hand! The quest for the Pizza Rolls, non-ironic discussion of the Naked Chicken Chalupa, the blood that will be feeding you, water comas, inhibitor ring excuses, I am the Neg man!

  47. Thumb 1517699643 artwork

    Chapter 61

    In an especially large, beefy episode of Hogcast, the boys basically discuss anything and everything. I swear to god we have a google doc, we just decide it wasn't important this week.
    Notes: Russ is losing his job, alternative Mario timelines, Meatcraft, Squid’s Guantanamo beef, an in-depth look at the cast of Rocket Power, the first fetish, we spend too much time talking about the Duckiverse, a desperate bid for Vice attention, Alan doesn’t deny we’re friends for the first time (pay close attention) [Note from Alan: I was too busy looking at nudes to pay attention to what Russ was saying and deny it], 100% clean comedy about Streaky the Supercat.

  48. Thumb 1517699626 artwork
  49. Thumb 1517699613 artwork

    Chapter 60

    Hogcast becomes a high stakes techno wonderland after engaging in some powerful discourse. Prepare for danger, debauchery, and a taste of the bittersweet.
    Notes: Eating a Corn of Cob w/ Strange, Bagel Bites Protein Style, Alan hates horny robots!, the Zentai Suit airport, Holographic Pickels are called Pixels, Alan’s sick new kicks, the Tortilla Roll Up, Duneald Trump and BannonPulse, Let It Be (Off Air), Melania is not an archetypical farm girl, our pitch for a new Twilight Zone episode.
    Corrections: Russ was thinking of Blankman and Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld.

  50. Thumb 1517699615 artwork

    Chapter 59

    Oh man, politics, am I right?

    Notes: The Nintendo Cinematic Universe, Reagan the Forbidden One, Chris Kyle’s Walmart savings, Pentagon DARK, Bangin’ on a Trash Can, pizza that ass, The Duke of Doubt, our Sonic Boom torture begins anew, ironic Simpsons deaths, a horrible alt-right tude, PBS Idea Man Underground, sexual power

  51. Thumb 1517699611 artwork

    Chapter 58

    We’ve been busy working for the man and Russ’s computer died immediately after this recording, but nothing will stop us from producing fresh content. Especially now that we’ve gotten into the money laundering game.

    Notes: Hank Hill’s urethra, snakes in vaginas, fucking piles of goo, Alan’s Ender’s Game elementary school, Jughead out the car now, a great new segment, Mallow’s Cream, the death of #teamfeet, a monogamous tude, hemipenes, Madicka Magica

    Corrections: the band from the Carmen Sandiego game show was Rockapella.

  52. Thumb 1517699596 artwork

    Chapter 57

    We're back with our friend Sabrina (@hinikuna_damacy) and this week we're wild about tulpas. Are we tulpas? Is Sonic a tulpa? None of us can really say for sure.

    Notes: Bubsyshock, welcome to all of our new tulpas listeners, Pizza Murder and the Zatriots, Yahtzee and Kakarot the Homestuck characters, the secret to a woman’s heart, what a yuri world

  53. Thumb 1517699602 artwork

    Chapter 56

    Hey, satire is all about EDGE, and if there's anything Sonic, Pizza, and this pizza contest have in common, it's that we ALL got edges here. That's right eggheads: this is all satire, and if you thought it wasn't, well, you're looking like a bit of a goon now. Nerd.

    Notes: Hampster Juice Wheezing, The Magic American Sniper, Lil Bowling Pin Jim, What’s in that sauce? The Catholic Church’s opinions on Skellingtons, The Creator of Chip and Orbot, TRON SILVER, lick that spider like Rohan,

  54. Thumb 1517699588 artwork

    Chapter 55

    The boys go corporate this week as they escape to the city? Or from the city? Either way, the decadence of Rome must be reborn.

    Notes: DMs and the secret origin of the Hogcast, escapefromthe.city, the revenge of #teamfeet, The Praetorian Guard, Squibbons and the Mega-Squid, you brexit you buy it, /r/bluehog, who is Jon Galt and why did he drink my Diet Red Bull?

    Corrections: Red Bull actually began in Thailand

    Wanna help the boy's and maybe understand some of the crap they talk about? Maybe purchase one of these items using our amazon links! Don't want any of these products but looking to buy something else? Use one of these links and purchase away! It costs the same for you but we still get a cut of the action.

    Metal Gear Solid HD CollectionThe History of Sonic the Hedgehog (Pix 'n Love Editions)

    Thai Red Bull Krating Daeng Original Energy Drink 150ml

  55. Thumb 1517699585 artwork

    Chapter 54

    Country mouse Russ Walsh moves to the big city and fast talkin' Alan Black tries to show him the ropes. Heartwarming laughter and family fun ensues as these two knuckleheads try to make it on their own.

    Notes: #BarrelAged, Joker is hungry for the Cuck, 30 Seconds to Mars is impossible, Poppee is good, Pizza Pick Up Artist, the secret origin of Pete the Pizza maker, Gaijin Goomba is ashamed of his words and deeds, Sparkling Cider and Whipped Cream

  56. Thumb 1517699574 artwork

    Chapter 53

    Beloved guest, the twitter famous @weepysweetmonty, returns to the podcast. Immediately, everything turns gross.

    Notes: Gweneth Gooptrow, what was the secret of the Ooze? The mysterious handsome chap, why Russ hates Sudowoodo, another round of “What white people can’t do anymore,” the origin of “Zoopa,” Totinos is woke, The last thing you hear is “yuck.”

  57. Thumb 1517699564 artwork

    Chapter 52

    It’s a special Anime Expo episode recorded face-to-face in Los Angeles with our dear friends Harry (@Nicomakibesto) and Lenore (@kombucha_kid). Listen and pretend you’re sitting in our hotel room while we shout over these poor, poor Brits.

    Notes: an update on #MonsterGirlVaginaGate, Lenore’s juggalo identity, Cuck Is The New Gay, Russ’s Love Live Sunshine theory, marmalad, Andrew Weapons & Knives, Lil Dice, our hot ‘sclusie, Mike the Extremehog, Russ’s awful Smudgeway Sandwich

  58. Thumb 1517699563 artwork

    Chapter 51

    This week, longtime fan of the show and pop punk afficionado Autobite (@autobite) joins us to mourn our favorite ape. We miss you Harambe.

    Notes: Pop Punk Earth Protection, The Yoshi/Sonic conundrum, What’s your cuck area?, Atheist Greasers, Russ’ Spaghetti Incident, Harambynne, Counting Crow Punk, Littlefinger and Kuroneko are the same character, Back to the Zero Dark Thirty, More Harambe discussion

    (Music for this episode was done by Autobite. You can check out more of his stuff here https://soundcloud.com/autobite)

  59. Thumb 1517699561 artwork

    Chapter 50

    It's our 50th episode, baby, and we're celebrating it with longtime friend of the show Ben Pack (@PackBenPack). Unfortunately we recorded it on 6/9, the anniversary of The Ratchet Boys' death, and things got a little spooky.

    Notes: God’s genitalia and HBO Family values, Damn Seinfeld, Good Feathers, Yohane’s guns and swords, Stewart Zergo, Michael’s Special Juice, Ratchet and Clank character assassination, Donald Trump = Mucinex Man?, My god it’s full of crust, feel the Mr. Burns, Cool Spot’s big day out, K’nex racism, Ben-Gone-Zi.

    Corrections: Henry Chapin wrote Cats in the Cradle, instead of spending time with his son probably. 

    Ron Perlman (Hellboy) didn’t drift with a kaiju in Pacific Drift. Charlie Day was the one that jacked his brain into a kaiju’s

    It was called “Michael’s Special Stuff” in Space Jam, not “Michael’s Special Juice”

  60. Thumb 1517699551 artwork

    Chapter .0420

    Yeah uh, sorry for the hiatus. Here's a non-episode that died in the process and isn't a real episode, but is as long as a real episode? It doesn't make a lot of sense. But we talk about Game of Thrones, a thing people actually watch!

    Notes: Alan loves the goo, Boruto Simpson, Poorly formatted jokes, Pan Pipes are the Guro Instrument, Extralegal mirage, would The Hound in our world be a furry? What does The Fat Man order at Olive Garden.

  61. Thumb 1517699541 artwork

    Chapter 49

    We're edging closer to episode 50, baby. Are we entering a new age of Hogcast content? Probably not, if this episode is any indication.

    Notes: Alan’s leak of the Panama Papers, An Eldritch Taint, A Smurf Theory, Alan googles Marge Simpson’s centerfold, Bengala is fucking shit, King Cuerno’s Hungry for Sonic, Tom Bombadil Destroys the Old Man Pussy Willow, The pizza bomb and the third company to call itself “the Uber of pizza,” Colton Burpo meets Sonic and Eggman, Donald the Duck will put a little surprise under your tree, Another brick in the toilet,

  62. Thumb 1517699539 artwork

    Chapter 48

    This episode is a shorty but a goody. 

    Notes: A twist in the Das Ratchet Boy chronology, Beholders arey our friends, Firstoff Waltz, Russell’s Literal Pizza Beach Party, The Calzone Controversy, the true villain of the Emoji film, Russ is a poor communicator despite having a communication degree, “Romance is the stupidest thing to happen to a person,” force feeding the public a new holiday,

  63. Thumb 1517699540 artwork

    Chapter 47

    After a few weeks off, we're back with a new episode, baby. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but does it make our jokes any better? Probably not.

    The life and death of GaijinGoomba, Serial was known as Doki Doki Panic in Japan, the ultimate revenge of the Samurai, GATE: Serial with Moe Bergdahl, Naked Drew Carey, Douche Do’Urden, a sobering reflection on fruit.

    Russ called Public Enemies producers “the wrecking crew,” they’re actually the Bomb Squad. Alan said Cole Train played Blitzball, but he actually meant Thrashball. Blitzball is the fictional sport in FFX though, It’s Sakamoto-Kun not Sakamoto-San, Melty Blood is a type/moon game and Igarashi is working on Bloodstained, 

  64. Thumb 1517699526 artwork

    Chapter 46

    Finally Silver Join My show as Sonic Rival And Friend

    Notes: Disney conspiracies, Blue Jizzman, Pentagon Jr goes on a rampage, the worst segue yet, Russ's continued Zootopia hate, Alan almost dies, Loony Jack, April Foolin'

    Robynne Minute: 27:15

    Note: Russ accidentally used our old intro and outro music for this episode so pretend it's Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood music instead

  65. Thumb 1517699518 artwork

    Chapter 45

    On this rare Monday recording episode we dig deeper into the Marvel universe and posit a lot of upsetting theories about Disney movies.

    Notes: Punisher love, Horny Talk with DIck & Crack, Goth Russ Man, Food Rules, Cars fetishes, Lucha Underground’s first shibari match, the ED-209 of pizza, a horny Sonic Boom, audio Baneposting, Subway and the death of the author, Russ’s beautiful dream

    Robynne Minute: around 40:30

  66. Thumb 1517699516 artwork

    Chapter 44

    Russ saw Zootopia a couple of nights before we recorded and we talk about it a lot. We got that furry fever, baby.

    Notes: Russ goes to Zootopia, Mickey x Phantom Blot yaoi, the wildest Lucha Underground match to date, Shakespeare’s fetishes, 1950s harem anime sex, Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi, Beautiful Gorgeous, Alan’s school pizza hate, Superior Doug

  67. Thumb 1517699516 artwork

    Chapter 43

    This week we took a cue from our favorite merc with a mouth, Deadpool, and stepped up our irreverence, baby. We’re breaking all four of the walls in this episode so you’d better watch out.

    Notes: Never Forget, Carfuckers, Csupoverse, Russ’s Trunk Club,  Ren & Stimpy Had a Baby With iPS Cell Technology, Eggpool, an irreverent tude, Peperami-san@Ganbaranai, sploim.

    Robynne Minute: around 35 minutes in

    Corrections: Russ was kind of right about gak being another name for slime. While the slime on You Can’t Do That on Television and the Kids’ Choice Awards was always called slime and gak was sold as a fart-producing goo (like Alan said), Marc Summers called the slime on Double Dare “gak” for some reason.

  68. Thumb 1517699505 artwork

    Chapter 42

    The boys are back with a special pre-Valentines Day show. Unfortunately, we're awful people so we just talked about cum and comic book characters instead of love.

    Notes: Minion jizz, Archie Fates, Kanye symbiotes, Doop, Cherry Popping Daddies, why Russ is afraid of women, Papa John’s The World, the Sega Cinematic Universe, a shitty tude, the divergent Sonic timeline, Twee Basketball,

    Corrections: Russ said Ryu Suzuki when he meant Ryo Hazuki. He must have been thinking of Yu Suzuki, but honestly who isn't always thinking of that guy. What a dreamboat.

  69. Thumb 1517699494 artwork

    Chapter 41

    This week our long-time friend Wes (aka. WeJo aka @WesTheHero) drops by to talk shop and grace us with his delightful Southern drawl.

    Notes: Howard the Duck vs. Doctor Who, The 'Za Tower, Scratchin Grubs, Flippin’ ‘Clix, Chaluppie, Jeeves and Wooster and House, Roald Dahl is an anti-semetic fetish fuel, The tragedy of the Vampire, Pizza hut loves the knot, Burgerman chronicles, Cat Dog Canon, The Skittles Diet, when humans have Sonic hands, Wa Brother Politics, Respect my dad!

    Corrections: The David Bowie baby was cut from the original Rugrats film but David Bowie music was featured there. Vampires can appear in photos if the author so demands i.e. Dio Brando.

    Robynne Minute around 45 minutes,

  70. Thumb 1517699492 artwork

    Chapter 40

    The Quillheads face the greatest danger of all this this week with guest @SamCB_. It's a harrowing tale filled with danger and fear that you are NOT going to want to miss.

    Notes: The Decadence of Rome must be returned to the ring, Alan’s new Escape Artist training, Banksy’s youtube channel, Ozzy and Drix Minute, The Daddy Pizza, the truck doesn’t have to fly! Pocket Foley Gnomes, The Feet Slobs versus The Butt Snobs, Alan says the most upsetting thing on the podcast for once.
    Robynne minute starts at 24:08

  71. Thumb 1517699493 artwork

    Chapter 39

    This week, the Quillheads learn a thing or two about brotherly love.

    Notes: Killer Bees start up and the Harlem Squat, Little Bill gets dragged through the mud, Dormommy and Baron Lenoredu, Smaller Taco Shreds, The Sour Creep, We’re the Death Grips of podcasts and the guy from Hella’s dick, shoebari, the betrayal of Bonzai Buddy, ruining They Might Be Giants songs.

    Robynne minute starts at 39:33.

  72. Thumb 1517699478 artwork

    Chapter 38

    Hoo boy. This is a strange one y'all, so buckle in. We're gonna take you down to the Tangent City where the content's weird and the references to obscure Marvel characters and Russian literature are shitty.
    Notes: Thanoscopter, Russ’ speeding ticket,  visitors from the past, Inhuman talk, Ocelot and the Oregon militia, a long drive through Tangent Town, the Frito Godfather, Evar Orbus and his Galactic Jizz-Wailers

    Robynne Minute Timestamp: 39:25

  73. Thumb 1517699472 artwork

    Chapter 37

    We're kicking off 2016 the only way we know how: with our dear friend Monty (@weepysweetmonty). Come get your fill of horny cartoon character talk and obscure Marvel Comics references for the year.

    Notes: Where’s Da Fais, Dommes & Dragons, Lindsay “Imperator Furiosa” Lohan, Phil Collin’s wrestling debut, Shout out to the Isle of Lesbos, I hate The Flea, Alan hates the wind AND the willows, Little Bear’s THICC mom, Monty ruins the Robynne minute, Erin Esurance making out with Kim Possible, Gun Germs and Mayo, Sexy Monty Python food, The Noid battles ISIS,  Drake’s robot form, Russ’ favorite part of Renaissance era art, Husky lady is THICC, Sally Acorn sucks, Monty’s Ideal Abduction

    Corrections: Cicero was a Roman writer of historic prose. Russ got everything wrong about the Doom Patrol whose members included Robotman and The Chief.

  74. Thumb 1517699470 artwork

    The Feliz Yaoidad Special

    Our favorite pro sniper, Robynne (@starfoxidiot), joins us to talk about boys on this very special Feliz Yaoidad episode of Hogcast: Speedy Delivery. (The audio is a bit rougher than usual because Russ had to record it over Skype, but the content is some premium stuff. Trust.)

    I hate Guro Alan, who’s your Nicolas Cage boy? Snuffits face is a gun and cute, Otto Rocket Asphyxiation, Dennis the Menace, Drinking some delicious Tir Na eggNog, Shadow’s hum talking and Sonic’s Chuckle Addiction, Russ puts his ASMR skills to good use, our podcast is now called Fluffer Smutters, My Anime Club Member OC, He’ll throw you against a wall and leave your bones in the wrong place, No Boys Deep Web, we talk about Xorn.

    Corrections: Russ was thinking of Muji T-Shirt Cubes, the fanfic’s description of hedgehog genitals was upsettingly upsetting. Also Alan meant to say Kick instead of Mutant Growth Hormone.

  75. Thumb 1517699453 artwork

    Chapter 36

    The Quillhead boys celebrate the release of the new Star Boys the only way they know how! By making a series of increasingly complicated and obscure Marvel comic book references.

    Notes: Star Boys meet Ace Ventura: Transphobe, Cheating on your taxes by suplexing the client, What if Robynne joined Isis, Jazzdoming is Alan’s new dom style, Can someone make a Big Dog/MGS crossover image? Gingerbread men are like guro and vore, Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing and STOP ISIS, Insane Bane eats candy eye balls, Just Kidding Simmons versus Just Kidding Rowling, PBS Idea Man’s big break, Does Alan like skeletons?
    Corrections: Russ was actually talking about the Squadron Supreme, male bees do not have stingers (I didn’t ask my dad but I looked it up online so we’re good).

  76. Thumb 1517699467 artwork

    Chapter 35

    That's right folks. It's been a year, a WHOLE year since we started this terrible garbage! And what a downhill slide it has been. 

    NOTES: Post-PizzApocalyspe, Neveau Momming and Domming, The Russ Man’s…. WIFE??? George Jetson hires a mom off twitter, RIP Chicken Carbonara, JUST EAT THE TACO BELL STEAK, The perfect Sonic game lost to time, the crushing defeat of Sonic Boom, Weekend at Bernadettes, Black Succ Moan, We spend too much time talking about CubeBot, protect norse people, RUSS WALSH IS NOT A PIZZA FEMINIST, Sub History Month.

  77. Thumb 1517699448 artwork

    Chapter 34

    We explore the multiverse today on Hogcast: Speedy Delivery. A multiverse filled with magic, wonder, and a tree nymph/actor named "Woody Harrelson."

    Notes for this week: Fallout 4 Vape Mods, Chavo’s ancient chair of doom, My mom is upset about this podcast, Alan’s insatiable Cuck Lust, Don’t give dogs pizza, Where’s Bonzai Buddy? Alan’s legitimate noise of disgust, Dominant Os, Earth 212 aka the ViewASSkewniverse discussion like Kermit’s tiny feet and Woody Harrelson the Tree Nymph, the final fate of the Das Ratchet Boys, Genie Boys.

  78. Thumb 1517699446 artwork

    Chapter 33

    This week, the Hogcast boys start sad and it only gets worse. What a horrible time to be alive.

    Notes: Tinder Stories, a rare appearance by El Pentagon Jr., NO SHOWBOATING, kissin’ those pizzas, The Fresca Mom Conspiracy, Liza Minnelials, Sexy MonsterGirl Cereals, Hot Topic Art, Loup Garous and Tulpas, Alan’s Beautiful Dark Chili Dog Fantasy, Give Sonic the Pizza, Shadow the Zodiac Killer and months old Serial jokes, Extended Big the Cat RP.

  79. Thumb 1517699427 artwork

    Chapter 32

    Ugh, another one of these. At least Russ thought up some good ideas this week.

    NOTES: Cum Chatter, Our love for Pentagon Jr., Red Stripe Beer Action Item, MasturbationCeption, Meet your new Dad Lenore, Food shaped like body parts Action Item, Russ Gets Mad Over DOA, Froob Guy Origins, Obligatory Halo/Cuck joke, Chili Boobs,Tenga Egg Sticker Shock, The True Eggman Origin, the funnest thing that comes out of your body,
    Robynne Minute Bed Music is Day 7 by @hardmint. Check out their music at http://hardmint.bandcamp.com/

    Corrections: Russ got the Lyrics of Roundabout completely wrong in every conceivable way.

  80. Thumb 1517699422 artwork

    Chapter 31

    We had Ravi @RaviNoBasuke on the show again, and dove right into some hardcore journalism. It's a hard knock life being independent podcaster here on the mean streets of New York. But that's not what's important. What is important is sharing this podcast with your friends and stuff (if you want to)


    Diceman: The Ultimate Robot Master, Pokemon Fetish Types, Shout Out to Dearest Scooter, Findoming Crowdfunding, The Weeaboo and the Horrible Poncho Man, Jeremy Martian needs Moms, Russ’ new girlfriend (who lives in a different state), Deal with your green poop MILLENIALS, A lot of serious discussion of Robin Williams Lore, Seth Boyer’s Dark Twisted Pizza Caricature Fantasy, Inappropriate Calzones, Basketball Umbilical cord, he Styx conundrum and Amy’s fucked up Clock, The Dew Blade and the Skull Geyser, ASMR PIZZA and The Love Below, Rick “The Very Bad” Man arrives.
    Corrections: Russ thought it was Wonderzone and actually it was Fantasy Zone. Michael Haneke directed Funny Games, not Robert Haneke.

  81. Thumb 1517699417 artwork

    Chapter 30

    A lot of foreskin chatter on this episode, and unironic MGSV quotes Russ thinks is cool. Seriously though, if you think Russ is the gross one on this podcast, Alan literally says that piss water balloon thing. They should be on some level of parity at this point.

    Notes: Have you heard the word? Ass gets a pass, Papa John Conspiracy? The secret behind the Undertaker’s power, Jeans don’t determine our future, Comedian’s in Cars Eating Ass, Alan’s Dark Twisted Ranch Hand Fantasy, Blaze Pizza and Chill, foreskin water balloon, MGSV cast's favorite pizza toppings, poop-puh, The Phantom Froob Guy.

  82. Thumb 1517699407 artwork

    Chapter 29

    The Hogcast returns after an extended hiatus, and boy is it fun. We got great laughs, great memories, and a favorite little robot of ours learns to eat some ass.

    Notes: Kanye cognac, the cavernous tunnels of Lucha Underground, the HamRiddler returns, Russ's new dick replacement, pizza one-percenters, techno-vore, being mean to our fans, Chappie.

  83. Thumb 1517699416 artwork

    Everyweek ‘Casts with Monster Girls Episode 12

    In the finale episode, Russ Walsh, Alan Black, and Lamont "@WeepySweetMonty" delve into the realms of monster girl madness for the final time... in a while, hopefully. Will this entry reveal the greatest secret of the Everyweek 'Casts saga? Will it be the Ultimate thrill? Or is it all just some lazy information control? Find out now in the ~El Fin~ of Everyweek 'Casts.

  84. Thumb 1517699403 artwork

    Everyweek ‘Casts with Monster Girls Episode 11

    As the Everyweek 'Casts saga comes to an end, we answer a lot of questions and Russ makes another reference to Adam Sandler's click. The journey never ends. It never, ever ends.

  85. Thumb 1517699388 artwork
  86. Thumb 1517699392 artwork

    Everyweek ‘Casts with Monster Girls Episode 9

    The quillheads don't cuck around this week after we chat Drake (the monster OR the rapper) with friend of the show Dani "@DanikaHarrod" on this weeks Everyweek 'Casts with Monster Girls.

  87. Thumb 1517699385 artwork

    Chapter 28

    In this long awaited chapter of Hogcast: Speedy Delivery, we invite friend of the show Rory (@touhoumo) to sit around and try not to talk about metal gear for an hour. I think we did an okay job.

    NOTES: Exhentai Library card, Les Inflation Terribles, Hackneyed Australia Stereotypes and Bad Geography, Tim Tam Straws, The Introduction of a New Segment, Cursing at Ravi, Alan's Big Pizza, New Age Pizza Horseshit, Styx was Horny and We hated it, A Whiplash Inducing OC, Touhou Jokes only 2 or 3 people understand.

  88. Thumb 1517699379 artwork

    Everyweek ‘Casts with Monster Girls Episode 8

    We're joined by an old friend of the show Gabriel (@shonen413), to watch the eighth episode of Monster Musume. Or to talk about the Cramp Twins, or The Magic Voyage (not the Fantastic Voyage, Russ, you Freaking idiot). It's another weird one.

    Music credit this week to friend of the show @Hardmint! Also the art is still a courtesy from friend of the show @labc0ats! Give them both a hardy follow.

  89. Thumb 1517699364 artwork

    Everyweek ‘Casts with Monster Girls Episode 7

    Our dear friend Monty (@weepysweetmonty) joined us to watch episode 7 of Monster Musume and immediately started talking about cum and Shrek. It's very upsetting and we're very sorry.

  90. Thumb 1517699356 artwork

    Chapter 27

    In another very special episode, our dear friend Lenore (@asukalangley) returns to discuss Sonic Dreams Collection, examine a beautiful fan character, and read some more zesty Sonic fanfiction. I hope this is what you wanted.

    Notes: Mac Tonight, Russ’s awful new character, Lenore’s Sonic museum experience, matching the members of μ’s to Sonic characters, Eggman’s horrible fetishes, Popeye eating cum, the oncoming pizza dystopia, moonshine minions, Volva V. Russen the Leafyseadragon, My Life as Shadow the Hedgehog, our ideal Sonic roommates, The Island of Misfit Pillow Boys.

  91. Thumb 1517699353 artwork

    Everyweek ‘Casts with Monster Girls Episode 6

    Our dear friend Ben Pack (@PackBenPack) joined us to watch the sixth episode of Monster Musume. Did he love it as much as we did? Did he legitimately hate it more than anything else he's ever watched? You'll have to listen to find out.

  92. Thumb 1517699352 artwork

    Everyweek ‘Casts with Monster Girls Episode 5

    Ravi (@RaviNoBasuke) joined us on the commentary this week, and ROYALLY SCREWED IT UP. At least this weeks QnA was great, if you consider Cousin Skeeter cuckolding great. We're @HogcastSD on Twitter and we'd love you to rate and review on iTunes or stitcher. Thanks for listening!

  93. Thumb 1517699338 artwork

    Chapter 26

    In this freeform jazz odyssey of an episode, we investigate another unique fan 'tude and explore every topic from lizard men to Disney cartoons.

    Notes: Monster Musume/X-Files crossover, Sonico and Jotaro, #GalactusEgoGate revisited, Big Pursy, The Phantom Blot's foreskin plot, Vape Wars, Yuritwo: The Sequel to Yuri, Lloyd in Space.

  94. Thumb 1517699332 artwork
  95. Thumb 1517699323 artwork

    Chapter 25

    Our dear, longtime friend Wes (aka WeJo or @westhehero) joins us to talk about breast milk, Weird Al's suggestive songs, and the beautiful southern pizza fantasy land he lives in.

    Notes: #GalactusEgoGate, Spider-Man cuckolding, boob piss, Pixels talk, Russ rails against the Rare Replay, The White Stuff, WeJo's Southern Pizza Paradise, Muppet sex, the complete life story of Debbie the Hedgehog, Reign Over Me, Wolverine's foreskin

  96. Thumb 1517699319 artwork

    Everyweek ‘Casts with Monster Girls Episode 3

    Our dear friend Parris (@Dauragon on twitter) joins us this week to pay witness to the third episode of Monster Musume and discuss the machinations and internal politics of the f**k police.

  97. Thumb 1517699329 artwork

    Minions On Fleek

    Hogcast: Speedy Delivery Presents: Minions On Fleek, a very special podcast where Alan (@ActionAlan), Monty (@weepysweetmonty), and Lenore (@asukalangley) discuss the Minions movie and all things minions. 

    As Skype, Audacity, and perhaps fate itself consipred against us, the audio in this episode is pretty rough. It's not nearly as bad as the erotic minion fanfiction we read though. Strap on your goggles and get ready for an auditory journey through the world of minions.

    Thanks to Russ for the intro monologue and thanks to Fred Durst for "Rollin'" and for being a constant source of inspiration in our lives.

  98. Thumb 1517699305 artwork
  99. Thumb 1517699300 artwork

    Chapter 24

    In this very special episode, Alan dips into the dangerous and confusing world of OC 'tudes. Join us and let these beautiful characters into your heart.

    Notes: Hannibal eating ass, Marc Maron: Seaman, a riveting episode of Lucha Underground, The Great Pizza Depression, airport pizza, Papa Murphy's crime prevention, special OC 'tudes, Russ' milk chugging childhood, Prison Zone, health buns, an upsetting question.

  100. Thumb 1517699297 artwork

    Everyweek ‘Casts with Monster Girls Episode 1

    Welcome to the first episode of Everyweek 'Casts with Monster Girls, where Russ and Alan comment over the new animated program that has brought together an entire generation.

  101. Thumb 1517699291 artwork

    Chapter 23

    Your favorite quillheads are back at it again. Get raunchy and real with us in this late night episode.

    Notes: LotR porn parodies, will.i.am's fleshlight watch, Monster Musume and Prison School hype, Ray Bradbury's Chobits, Hitchcock's amiibos, The Beach Queen of Dorian Gray, Friar Buck, Fifty Shades of Guro, Les Enfants Terriblart

  102. Thumb 1517699277 artwork

    Chapter 22

    Before this episode was recorded, Alan made Russ watch about 40 minutes of Billy Joel music videos on YouTube. Go walkin' in your sleep down to this River of Dreams we call Hogcast: Speedy Delivery. 

    Notes: EVA/Sesame Street Crossover, Rich Parallelogram Timeline, Oppa Gangnam Sex, Run the Joels, Keeping the Space/Scenes from an Italian Spaceship, the return of RealIndyTails24, Russ’ OC, The Piano Men, Tony Stark’s white guilt, Don Draper meets the minions, Alan takes a stance against milk fetishism

    Russ’ Special Pee Break Music: PSS PSS - Death Grips

  103. Thumb 1517699276 artwork

    Chapter 21

    We're joined by @SocksMahoney to discuss taboos and denounce social mores. That's right folks, we take a firm stance against kinkshaming, or any kind of shaming. If you can't handle that, maybe you're listening to the wrong podcast.

    Notes: Father's Day/Daddy Dom Day, Russ makes a joke that only upsets everyone else, Sock's betrayal, alien roleplaying, keeping ourselves transparent, Sticks and ISIS ruin the Olympics, What Would Monty Say, we tell Ravi the truth, we get desperate for reviews on iTunes.

  104. Thumb 1517699273 artwork

    Chapter 20

    In this special late night episode we go on a European adventure, Alan introduces two new beloved characters, and Russ makes a big change in his life.

    Notes: Ouroboros, Scenes from an Italian McDonalds, Russ' new lifestyle, the industrial buttplug complex, The Return of Frube and Rudy, Immortan Noid, George R.R. Martin's Sonic Boom sequel, a new Hogcast origin story, Winnie the Pooh's secret fetish, flipping through pages, Ravi's not so secret fetish.

  105. Thumb 1517699272 artwork

    Chapter 19

    In this very special episode, our friend, Twitter user @FrightShark mourns our favorite artisan pizza with us and lets us berate him for renaming all those Pokemon. #FreeHunnidP #FreetheChickenCarbonara

    Notes: Huey Lewis and the Gnus, Alan's pizza dominatrix, Toy Story beach queens, sexy satyrs, the tragedy tearing our nation apart, D'Angelo's daddydom dick, Frube and Rudy, Two and a Half Men and Half a Goat, Tails of Lake Wobegon, Yuri Koala Arashi, Scrooge McDuck's cum pool

    Follow the show on Twitter: @HogcastSD
    Follow Russ and Alan on Twitter: @pissgoblin@actionalan
    Send us an email: hogcastspeedydelivery@gmail.com
    Subscribe and review on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hogcast-speedy-delivery/id969579845

  106. Thumb 1517699253 artwork

    Chapter 18

    Friend of the show and former Hogcast House Performer Lamont “@weepysweetmonty” gets hands on with the Quillheads in the latest Hogcast: Speedy Delivery. And by “gets hands on” I mean ruin the whole thing for now and forever. I hate this podcast.
    Notes: Powerpuff Girls Z, Krypto’s PS2 era genitals, the end of #MonsterGirlVaginaGate?, Alan effin’ with the Green Stripe, Jonny Lightfoot in UK Sonic Boom, Skeksis dicks, embarrassing memories of regret filled childhoods, Monty’s hands.

  107. Thumb 1517699252 artwork

    Chapter 17

    The night before this episode was recorded, Alan went to a party and saw “armpits” written on the sides of some sex dice. What follows is our descent into a dark pit of madness.

    RIP Gerald Clankman.

    Notes: Pitbull’s armpit fetish, mommydoms, a massacre on Lucha Underground, Yooka-Laylee yaoi, #LunchableGate, mayo fanatics, The Dark Pit of Space, seven parts of the pits, Yurikuma Berenstain Bears Arashi, the paradox of Russ’ dick, Quentin Tarantino Wants a Quiet Life.

  108. Thumb 1517699254 artwork

    Chapter 16

    In this episode we're out on a boat hunting down one of our greatest foes. Is that foe a person who stole Alan's Paul Blart meme? Is it Russ' bladder? Is it a dastardly Spanish wrestling promoter? Is it ourselves? The only way to find out is to listen.

    Notes: Scrimpy and Jalapeño, Lucha Underground, Metal Blart Solid, Return of the Improv Bros, viral organ transplants, content thievery, Hatsune Mike and Super SoniCraig, an unforgettable 'tude, the death of a beloved character.

  109. Thumb 1517699253 artwork

    Chapter 15

    In this very special episode, our dear friend Lenore (@asukalangley) drops by to salute Tails: LGBT Icon. Listen in as the Queen of Memes herself regales us with tales of her torrid love affair with Goofy and narrates some zesty Sonic/Tails fanfiction.
    Notes: Pitbull nightmares, international daddydom regulations, #MonsterGirlVaginaGate, Tails: Hetero Race Car Driver?, Goofy fucking, Big Gay, Blart canon, Seinfeld/Sonic crossover, two gay 'tudes, Tails Comes Out the Closet Chapters 2 and 3, MC Ride and the Noid, Yuri Discussions with Russ and Lenore.

  110. Thumb 1517699235 artwork

    Chapter 14

    Solo Bolo this week with those Pizza lovin' quillheads Alan and Russ. Illusions are shattered, truths are revealed, and fun is had as the two make their way through the world of hot pizza pie and a fox with two tails he can fly.

    Notes: Yaoi Hands toss Pizza, Brain Games, What Harry Potter house would Solid Snake Be In? Our first review follow-up, #RegulatePizza, Sitting on Raisins, Transparency in Our Converage,  and Tails Comes Out.

  111. Thumb 1517699234 artwork

    Chapter 13

    In what will surely go down in history as our most Flawless episode, our good friend and #1 fan Ravi joins us to talk about about Sonic, pizza, and his mysterious connection to Jaleel White.

    Notes: Gay rock moms, King Koopa, Monster girl updates, illegal doujinshi, daddydoms, pope pizza, Hogcast creepypasta, Rob O' The Hedge, Diceman's Lake Wobegon, Ravi's Urkel connection, Russ' origin story.

  112. Thumb 1517699228 artwork

    Chapter 12

    We’re back again with another intimate, face-to-face episode recorded in Russ’ apartment. Were we high on that (legal) dank kush at the time? Maybe. Did we giggle a lot and say more dumb stuff than usual? Definitely.  Dig into this Monkey’s Feast of an episode.

    Notes: Miming the J, going heel, #MonsterGirlVaginaGate, Pi Day, 250 year old monks, hat rubbing, foley, penis tattoos, gazinga, Wolverine’s genitals, Borderlands fanfic, Meat Cute, robot jizz, Dracula’s boner, Russ’ tattoo, sick memes,  

    (Also Alan is very sorry for forgetting what Gucci Mane’s ice cream tattoo looks like.)

  113. Thumb 1517699228 artwork

    Chapter 11

    Your favorite Quillheads are back at it again, talkin' shop with their good friend Jonny Wags. Grab a slice of your favorite New York 'za and enter an Empire State of Mind with us.

  114. Thumb 1517699215 artwork

    Ford Fairlane Special

    Better and raunchier than ever, Hogcast: Speedy Delivery returns with a very special episode that we recorded face-to-face in Russ' apartment. Listen to us eat a bacon-wrapped Little Caesars pizza while we watch the hit Andrew Dice Clay film The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.

  115. Thumb 1517699456 artwork


    These assholes think we'll stand down when they call us SHIT on their podcast. I hate these awful nerds and their lack of respect towards US. Uploaded their wednesday minicast cause these fucks are just plain the worst. I hate them.

  116. Thumb 1517699214 artwork

    Chapter 10

    Bigger, badder, and Memeier than ever, Hogcast: Speedy Delivery returns victorious. This time featuring the heart and soul combo that is Ben "Ben Pack" Pack.

  117. Thumb 1517699205 artwork

    Chapter 9

    Your favorite quillheads are back again with the power of Pepsi Max.
    Notes: the Pepsi Max lifestyle, mouth computers, Adam Sandler's Click, The Casque of Cheerwine, Kaspar Hauser the Friendly Pizza Ghost, Mrs. Doubtfire's hair-filled quesadillas, Russ' ham goofs, shit talking Papa Johns, Wayne's World creepypasta, Biggie's console collection, Marky Mark, Liquid Eggman, Russ' druid ancestry.

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  118. Thumb 1517699207 artwork

    Chapter 8

    Alan and Russ discover something beautiful this week on Hogcast: Speedy Delivery.

  119. Thumb 1517699204 artwork

    Chapter 7

    Alan and Russ learn to love, live, and learn in the big city in the hottest, freshest, goopiest sonic the hedgehog/pizza podcast yet. Itadakimasu~!

  120. Thumb 1517699190 artwork

    Chapter 6

    After a brief hiatus, we've returned to dish out some primo content to you, the listener. Russ says the audio is a bit rough for the first ten minutes, but the goofs and spoofs in this ep are as hot as ever.

  121. Thumb 1517699188 artwork

    Chapter 5

    A mysterious foe approaches? Will Alan and Russ survive this calamity? Can I take a moment here to talk about my girlfriend? All this and more on HOGCAST: Speedy Delivery.

    Notes: Amy hats, spicy buttholes, mexican pizza, witch hunting dad, more goddamn beach queens, Paul McCartney’s soundcloud mixtape, Love Live/Sonic crossover, Scratch and Grounder, Russ jacking off with food, baby dick pizza toppings, dessert lube, Mobian raisins, General Salty’s Sad Guy Club, Liquid Robotnik, no irony or memes in 2015, Ghost fingerblasting.

  122. Thumb 1517699175 artwork

    Chapter 4

    Sonic rules all and the soul still burns on this important and not to be missed episode of the critically acclaimed, beloved Sonic/Pizza podcast, Hogcast: Speedy Delivery.

    Notes: Pecan pie gel, Big Boi’s dick, Aaron Eckhart’s vore fetish, SeHa Girls finale, shooting Eggman, hillbilly artisans, Robert Crumb’s Seaman, bulk, shitty e-cards, Sonic dog tags, drugged chilli dog, Eggman’s fucked up PB&J, Tom Clancy’s McDonaldland, David Duchovny the mayo fanatic, Alan’s Cam’ron joke Kickstarter, Russ’ tearful apology.

  123. Thumb 1517699173 artwork

    Chapter 3

    The trilogy is complete in what can only be called "the greatest work of story telling in the history of the Audio Medium." Also Alan is very sorry that he couldn't remember that Fabolous is the one who made "Cuffin' Season."

    Notes: Joey Fatone’s illegal beach queens, Smooth by Santana and Rob Thomas, Nimoy’s toilet imprisonment, lamprey fleshlights, Ethics in Podcasting/Pizza journalism, sonic_hedgehog and GG Allin, gluten-free lube, secret government stromboli, fancasting, Serial Season 2: Eggman, Dr. Quack, ideal food lubes, tight jeans, Snoop Hogg.

  124. Thumb 1517699164 artwork

    Chapter 2

    The second in the epic Hogcast: Speedy Delivery saga. The audio is better, the content is better, our lives are still awful. 

    Notes: Hot and Ready turds, Big the Waluigi, Sonic’s taint, John Cougar Mellencamp’s Sonic Boom AU, Stoner Pie, Junji Ito’s Pizza Hut, Beach Queen Kickstarter, Pitbull: Human Sonic and Dream Invader, turkey fisting, Alan’s minimalist wallet addiction, coconut jizz water, Marilyn Manson’s hedgehog surgery, manga Bowie, ki blasting Cumberbatch’s face.

  125. Thumb 1517699164 artwork

    Chapter 1

    A pilot for a new Sonic and Pizza related podcast that will blow your mind and change minds. Is the audio a little rough cause we're still figuring this out? Maybe? Did I not even edit this? Yes. Everything in here is ESSENTIAL and did not NEED cutting.

    Notes: Our inaugural shop talk, Nimoy’s fucked up dick, artisan ‘za and soaked subs, Ace Ventura shit, Big Solid Patty, our first Sonic Boom review, Tyson and MacFarlane, Sleuth Doggy Dog, TMNT brand synergy, shooting Eggman with a fucking gun, Sons of Angels.

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